Kurdish activist Kenan Ayaz has arrived in Germany and is expected to appear in court, the Kurdish cultural centre Theofilos said on Saturday.

“We are fighting to prevent a further deterioration of the Kurdish people’s relations with Cyprus.”

The centre stressed media reports on Friday that suggested Ayaz was transferred to Germany after seeing a doctor of his choice, were misleading.

“It gives the impression that the whole issue was if Ayaz would see his preferred doctor. It silences the collaboration between the entire legal and political systems of Cyprus,” to ensure he is extradited to Germany.

The centre has said an extradition to Germany is tantamount to sending Ayaz back to Turkey, as they believe Germany will cave to Ankara’s demands and send him to Turkey.

Theofilos added Ayaz’s doctor had opined he was not well enough to travel, with heightened risk issues with his spine and leg would be exacerbated by his flight.