With a strong sense of social responsibility and putting into practice its promise of continuous contribution to society, Alambra Fresh Milk has launched the “Dedication to… Life” campaign.

The aim of the new action – part of the dairy company’s Corporate Social Responsibility actions and being implemented as part of the first phase of a collaboration with MAS Hypermarkets – is to support the Alkinoos Artemiou Foundation, for children with oncological and haematological diseases.

Specifically, with the purchase of any 1-litre-, 1.5-litre or 2-litre bottle of Alambra Fresh Cypriot Milk from MAS Supermarkets, 3 cents per litre will be offered to the Alkinoos Artemios Foundation.

The Foundation was established in 2021 in memory of little Alkinoos Artemios, who died of cancer in December 2020. Through this campaign, Alambra wishes to contribute to the Foundation’s multifaceted efforts to offer better quality of life, as well as more comforting and pleasant care to children being treated at oncology-haematology clinics in Cyprus and abroad.

Through a multitude of actions and coordinated campaigns, Alambra Fresh Milk has repeatedly demonstrated its dedication to Corporate Responsibility, with consistency, dedication and sensitivity, as an integral part of its philosophy. Contributing to Cypriot society, expressing solidarity with fellow human beings, nurturing children’s well-being, and helping protect the environment have always been at the heart of the dairy company’s social actions.

Ultimately, Alambra sees its social contribution as a way of returning the support and trust of consumers, and will continue to carry out similar actions in future.