The labour ministry, bar association and Etek (scientific and technical chamber) clinched a deal on Thursday securing €750 as an allowance for training lawyers and engineers.

Labour Minister Yiannis Panayiotou said the increase, up from €650 was a result of an ongoing dialogue between all stakeholders.

Every professional body can have the discretion to change their contribution if they want to pay trainees more, the minister specified.

“What matters is the recognition that young scientists need better support. They are our colleagues of the feature who are called to begin their practical training to gain experiences that will fuel their next steps.”

Bar association chairman Christos Clerides thanked the minister “for his effectiveness in finding a satisfactory solution.”

Clerides described the development as a first step with possibility of “more improving in the legal sphere.”

He added lawyer’s offices often look for trainees, which was not the case in the past.

Etek chairman Constantinos Constanti said “it was a blessing that at least this minimum amount is secured.”

He expressed his wish that the sum can be increased in the future but expressed his satisfaction that the deal to increase the sum was achieved.