Doctors at specific accidents and emergency departments work more hours than it is considered safe, the Pasyki public doctor’s union said on Friday.

Physicians employed at the Paphos and Polis Chrysochous might work three consecutive 12-hour night shifts, translating to 36 working hours in just three days, the union declared.

This results in grave responsibilities for their employer, since it exceeds any safety and quality standards.

Recently, an expert on health issues visited the accident and emergency departments, however the state health services organisation (Okypy) failed to thoroughly inform them about this issue, Pasyki added.

Health professionals at the Paphos A&E department held a series of strikes over staffing issues requesting for “humane working conditions”.

In March, the new Health Minsiter Popi Kanari said two doctors were to be hired to staff the specific department, explaining delays were caused due to the lack of interest from doctors in the positions.