A grandfather and grandmother and their two grandchildren were injured in a car crash in Xylophagou on Saturday, Famagusta police said.

According to Famagusta police spokesman, Steve Theodoulou, the incident occurred at around 6am, when a car driven by a 26-year-old on the old Xylophagou-Ayia Napa Road crashed into the jeep being driven by the grandfather, 52, attempting to turn left onto the road.

Police said that all four people in the car, the grandfather, the grandmother, 54, and their grandchildren a little boy, 8, and little girl, 6, were all injured in the crash.

After being hit, the jeep overturned in the road, and the fire service was called to the scene.

Firefighters removed the individuals from the vehicle, after which it caught fire.

The grandfather and his granddaughter were taken to Famagusta General, while the grandmother and her grandson were taken to Larnaca general.

Police said that the condition of all the individuals is stable, and they are not in danger.

After the accident, police conducted an alcotest on the 26-year-old driver of the other vehicle, which registered 38mg instead of the allotted 22.

The driver told police he was not injured, but he was taken to Famagusta general for further examinations.

Police are investigating.