The award ceremony for Lidl Cyprus’ third Sustainable Gastronomy Competition took place on June 15, in the garden of the Lidl Food Academy, after having run successfully on May 4, 2023.

The Sustainable Gastronomy Competition is organised annually within the context of the International Day of of Sustainable Gastronomy, designated as June 18. The competition is an initiative of Lidl Cyprus, organised under the auspices of the Education and Agriculture Ministries, as well as the Cyprus Chefs Association. Its main objective is to inform, raise awareness, as well as support the adoption of new, more sustainable practices in the field of gastronomy.

2023 Lidl Sustainable Gastronomy

Sustainable gastronomy is defined by the UN’s International Food and Agriculture Organisation as “cuisine that takes into account where its ingredients come from, how products are grown, how they reach markets and, ultimately, our plates”. Recognising the positive impact of sustainable gastronomy on the environment of today and tomorrow, on the health of consumers, as well as on the efficient use of resources, Lidl Cyprus promotes this philosophy via the competition, with the hope that new, more sustainable tactics and practices, will be adopted.

Representations from Intercollege, American College, KES College, the Post-High School Vocational Education and Training Institutes (MIEEK), as well as the Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Professions of the Cyprus University of Technology, took part in the competition. Contestants were asked to come up with a creative menu that stood out for its taste, while also meeting criteria that included ingredients’ seasonality and locality, the low consumption of energy and water in preparation of dishes, the use of sustainable products and recyclability of packaging.

The competition’s grand winners were the MIEEK team, comprised of: Katerina Yiangou, Maria Xinari and Haris Nicolaou, with lead teacher Dr Michael Anastasiou, each of whom accepted their awards with pride.

Sustainability and sustainable development, respect and protection of the environment, and conscious and responsible consumption are central Lidl Cyprus values. Something that can be seen in practice through the company’s actions and activities, aimed at a road to a better tomorrow – for our planet and for all.

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