Police say they believe last night’s fire in Aglandjia was started “on purpose”.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou told Cyprus Mail an investigation into the blaze, which destroyed four parked buses, is now underway. He added that it is the police believe the fire started as a result of arson.

The fire began around 8:30pm on Tuesday evening near the police general headquarters and the Kapnos airport shuttle station. The flames were under control shortly before 10pm.

Fire services spokesman Andreas Kettis said three fire trucks had been deployed to the scene to fight the flames from the Nicosia station.

Another four buses which were close to the flames were safeguarded from the blaze. Cypress trees fencing off a police unit were affected by the fire.

A weapons unit was also shielded from the fire, the spokesman noted.

Kapnos airport shuttle in a brief announcement specified the buses did not belong to the company. The buses in question were parked next to the Kapnos’ bus parking area.