President Nikos Christodoulides said on Wednesday evening that finding a viable solution to the Cyprus problem remains the highest priority of his administration, noting that the support and solidarity of the United Kingdom to these efforts is essential and of great significance.

In his address on the occasion of the celebration for the birthday of His Majesty King Charles III, at the UK High Commissioner’s Residence, in Nicosia, the president reiterated “our common and unwavering dedication for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue, that will lead to a reunified Cyprus.”

“A common dedication that is centered as well as firmly defined by the relevant UN Security Council resolutions in achieving a just, viable and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem on the basis of a bicommunal, bizonal federation with a single sovereignty, single citizenship and single international personality, with political equality,” he added.

Stating that finding a viable solution to the Cyprus problem remains the highest priority of his tenure, he said: “I intend to make every possible effort to break the current deadlock and resume the negotiations.

“I will continue working tirelessly to achieve a comprehensive settlement that will lead to the reunification of Cyprus, the reunification of its people, its institutions and its economy. The support and solidarity of the United Kingdom to these efforts is essential and of great significance, particularly given its position as a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council.”

He reiterated that the EU should play a decisive and leading role in the efforts to resume and effectively assisting the UN-led negotiations.

“Cyprus is an EU member state and the Cyprus question is a European issue and as such requires European answers. The EU is also the only international actor that can provide tangible incentives for all parties, through a gradual and mutually beneficial approach for all involved,” he noted.

He expressed his conviction that a solution to the Cyprus problem, in line with UNSCRs, particularly at a time when international legality is under attack, will be beneficial not only for the security and prosperity of the island, but for Europe and the region as well.

Christodoulides said that the relations between our two countries extend far beyond our interaction on the Cyprus issue, covering a wide spectrum of policy areas, adding that our synergies in the fields of business, education, tourism, economy and commercial ties, shipping, technology, research and innovation, constitute an integral pillar of our bilateral cooperation.

Furthermore, he said that he has no doubt that the recent entry into force of the arrangement between the Republic of Cyprus and the United Kingdom relating to the non-military development in the British military bases is yet another important milestone to the bilateral agenda.

“It signifies the vital importance we both attach on safeguarding the prosperity of the current and future residents as well as property owners in general, in that area,” he said.

He also expressed certainty, that the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between the government of the Republic of Cyprus and the government of the United Kingdom regarding the established bilateral strategic cooperation can solidify even further the cooperation achieving new heights between the two countries.

He also referred to the Cypriot community in the UK, saying that it is the most dynamic aspect of our relations.

“The government and the people of the Republic of Cyprus are immensely proud of the vivid Cypriot community in the UK, the largest community of Cypriots overseas. Our diaspora, permanently residing in the UK with more than three hundred thousand people, has been a vigorous and strong advocate of our relationship, and of the efforts to solve the Cyprus problem and reunite our country,” he noted.

Referring to the bilateral ties, the president said that Cyprus and the United Kingdom share unique, deep-rooted ties.

“It is indeed a relationship like no other. Today we reflect upon this long-standing relationship, one that has a difficult past to reflect upon and address, while at the same time we look to a promising future, ripe with opportunity for further close collaboration,” Christodoulides said.

He added that the UK-Cyprus relations are underpinned by our mutual support for democracy and peace as well as by our shared values on the adherence to international law and the promotion and protection of fundamental freedoms and human rights.

“Our countries are staunch advocates of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. These principles include, among others, our common devotion to the respect of the rules-based order and to the absolute necessity of reaching agreements on international disputes by peaceful means so as to protect international peace, security and stability,” he said.

The president said that the reception is an opportunity to pay tribute to the King’s devotion to the service of his country, and at the same time celebrate the steadfast people-to-people contacts and our mutually beneficial cooperation on a wide range of issues of common interest, both at the bilateral as well as the multilateral level.