President Nikos Christodoulides on Thursday warned that the plans announced by the north and Turkey to build 1,200 social housing units in occupied Dherynia is creating new faits accomplis.

Speaking at a gathering of EU ambassadors in Cyprus, hosted by the Swedish ambassador, Christodoulides warned that the move entrenches division – adding that the issue has been raised with both the UN and EU.

He reiterated the need to “resume negotiations as soon as possible to achieve a solution to the Cyprus issue… this is the only way to prevent further faits accomplis”.

The key concern is that further development will only sharpen the thorny issue of property under a potential solution. Many warn that the property issue becomes harder to solve with each passing day.

Elsewhere, the Cyprus Mail reported earlier this month that massive construction projects near Trikomo have changed the face and character of the coastline north of Famagusta.

“It’s like they’re building a new city,” a Turkish Cypriot told the Cyprus Mail.