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Cypriot real estate intelligence firm partners with Greek company

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In a move that seeks to transform the real estate industry in Greece and Cyprus, CGSoft, a leading provider of property software solutions, and Cypriot fintech firm Ask Wire, joined forces through a strategic partnership.

The collaboration, announced on Friday, aims to revolutionise the property sector by offering an array of cutting-edge solutions including property profiles, spatial analytics, and specialised data.

With a focus on informed decision-making, environmental sustainability, and market dynamics, this partnership is poised to reshape the way real estate operates in the region.

“CGSoft, with 35 years of expertise in designing, developing, and supporting business software, specialises in creating desktop, web, and mobile property management applications through its Thesis Property suite,” the announcement explained.

“This suite provides state-of-the-art, fully customisable solutions in a unified environment to cater to the specific needs of every business, offering virtually limitless possibilities for managing both small and large property portfolios in Greece and abroad,” the announcement added.

Among the clients of CGSoft are all the Greek systemic banks, the Hellenic Public Properties Co, ERT, most of the Servicers (Cepal, Cerved, DoValue, Horizor, Pepper, UCI, etc.) and business groups with a leading position in the market (GEK TERNA, TITAN, Imerys, Lafarge Holcim, Iraklis, Victus Networks, IMO Property Investments etc.).

Ask Wire, meanwhile, stated that it “is steadfast in its mission to become the premier source of real estate intelligence, offering pivotal information to businesses and consumers alike for better-informed decision-making”.

“The firm provides comprehensive profiles for all European properties, forming a strong foundation that allows businesses to innovate and streamline their products, services, regulatory reporting, and manage environmental and climate risks while facilitating online transactions,” it added.

The announcement went on to say that the partnership between Ask Wire and CGSoft |offers businesses a pathway to derive actionable insights, streamline processes, and create predictive models for real estate valuations and environmental risk assessments”.

Moreover, this collaboration is expected to prove particularly beneficial to banks, servicers, and insurance companies, at a time when the real estate market is witnessing a surge in automation, market activity, and regulatory reporting requirements.

“We are excited to initiate this partnership with CGSoft,” said Pavlos Loizou, CEO of Ask Wire.

“Coupling our innovative solutions with CGSoft’s state-of-the-art software will empower businesses to derive actionable insights, automate processes, and develop predictive models for real estate valuations and environmental risk assessments,” he added.

CGSoft’s CEO, Miltos Gakis expressed similar enthusiasm, saying that “we are excited about our partnership with Ask Wire”.

“Their property profiles, real estate market data, environmental data, and sophisticated spatial analytics will significantly augment our software solutions, offering our clients a unique competitive advantage in the property management sector,” Gakis added.

Finally, the announcement stated that the partnership between Ask Wire and CGSoft marks a significant step towards revolutionising the real estate industry in Greece and Cyprus, enabling businesses to make informed decisions, manage risks, and gain a competitive edge in the property management sector.

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