There was slightly reduced interest by Greek nationals living in Cyprus to cast their vote for the Greek Parliamentary repeat elections on Sunday compared with May’s elections.

Of the 1,543 people registered in the electoral rolls, some 1,260 showed up at the five polling stations set up across the island on Saturday.

This brings the turnout to 81.6 per cent, while in the May 20 elections, the turnout was ten per cent higher, at 91.6 per cent.

In Nicosia, 363 of the 437 registered voters voted at the first electoral division and 366 of the 456 voters cast their ballots in the other polling station of the capital.

In Larnaca, 205 out of 242 people registered on the special electoral rolls voted. In Limassol, 246 out of a total of 313 voted, while in Paphos, 80 citizens out of a total of 95 registered voters went to the polls.

Last month, Mitsotakis’ New Democracy party won the election 20 points clear of the leftist Syriza party that ruled Greece from 2015 to 2019.

But it fell just short of the outright majority needed to rule without forming a coalition, prompting the second vote under different rules that make it easier for the winning party to secure a majority in the 300-seat parliament.