The public should take special care when visiting Paralimni lake the Department of the Environment said on Wednesday.

“Because the lake has retained more water than is typical for June, a large number of flamingos have extended their stay, and visitors must respect the habitat that these birds rely on,” the announcement said.

The high water retention is due, in part, to this past winter’s heavy rainfall. May was also more temperate than usual, so less water evaporated, a process that typically keeps the lake’s waterline at bay.

For now, more water means more flamingos – and more common grebes, terns, small white herons and marsh ducks.

Paralimni lake because of the sheltered wetlands that it provides, is a Special Conservation Zone and a Special Protection Zone. It is also the largest inland natural lake in Cyprus, a country that already holds few natural wetland zones.

“Therefore, it is of particular importance that the public respect the lake while birds continue to use it,” the department said, asking the public not to swim in the water or disturb any wildlife in the surrounding area.