Education Minister Athena Michaelidou on Thursday met students from Ayios Georgios High School in Lakatamia to award them for their participation in the Junior Achievement Cyprus “Student Enterprise” competition.

In her address, Michaelidou said that a recent survey conducted by the Junior Achievement organisation showed that students taking part in the competition have shown a greater dedication to learning and have achieved important academic results.

“I am happy to see young individuals of your age taking initiatives and working diligently and responsibly to achieve your goals,” she told the students.

She added that taking part in the competition will greatly contribute to their journey towards success, both at a personal and at a professional level.

“We strive to encourage our students to engage in activities and initiatives that allow them to break free from the established framework of the curriculum, or the routine of school life, as we aim to cultivate their skills and abilities,” Michaelidou said.

“Your experience will also provide you with the opportunity to network at both national and pan-European levels. Therefore, I encourage you to continue working passionately and participating in such competitions that offer you the chance to increase your knowledge and skills.”