Teenagers from the Children’s rights protection commission met with Education Minister Athena Michaelidou on Friday to discuss the issue of bullying in schools.

The teenagers presented their findings and recommendations regarding the role of schools in dealing with bullying, as well as discussing bullying prevention policies.

The meeting had been preceded by an “experiential workshop” in which the teenagers defined various forms of bullying, the characteristics of a perpetrator, victim, and bystander, as well as recognising its consequences.

Childrens’ Rights Commissioner, Despo Michaelidou has previously said that “it is necessary for schools to become children’s second homes, which will welcome them and support them. It is for this reason that the practice of state officials consulting with children is an excellent tool for this purpose”.

“We can only hope for open and democratic schools which recognise the value and needs of every child and gives them a safe space which protects them from every form of violence when adults speak directly with children and exchange opinions with them”, she said.