People considering a visit to the village of Fikardou can now check it out beforehand from their comfort of their own homes after a group from the Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak) created a fully digitised platform for the village, known as ‘e-fikardou’.

The e-fikardou platform provides “fully digitised models of the entire village and its monuments” as well as an interactive e-book, a VR tour, and downloadable applications which include maps of the village’s cycling and walking routes.


It was presented recently in Brussels by Tepak PhD candidate Orestis Rizopoulos, who told an international tourism conference how the project “serves as a vessel for collected data and generated knowledge designed to offer a unique, integrated, and educational experience and engagement with Fikardou”.

Rizopoulos said “approximately 40 per cent of all European tourists make a destination choice based on the cultural offerings” of the place in question, and therefore promoting the cultural offerings of Fikardou via a digitised platform would encourage tourism to the village and its surroundings.

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