Residents and local authorities around Koshi said that they are against the construction of an asphalt plant in their area.

At public meeting on Thursday night, the local authorities said that they were against creating an asphalt plant in that area due to issues with the study that was created.

According to the residents, the study was done a few years ago, considering morphological data at the time, which the residents has since changed.

According to a statement from the municipality of Aradippou, “During the consultation, the representatives of the companies proceeded with a brief presentation of the project. Residents and representatives of the affected municipalities and communities raised multiple questions and objections, with the main point of concern being the important omissions during the study, which was carried out some years ago, as a result of which the morphology and special characteristics of the area have changed radically, without, however, taking into account today’s [data].”

Also, according to the announcement the study did not consider both the upcoming construction of the Technical School, which is very close to the proposed construction site of the asphalt plant, as well as the construction of the two dams that are already being built and where the contaminated waters will collect if the project goes ahead.

“Attendees were left with the impression that the project was essentially presented as a decision, without alternative solutions having been considered and expressed concerns regarding the environmental impact and the extent to which documented studies have actually been done,” the announcement said.

At the end of the presentation of the project positions were made by representatives of the local government, local bodies, civil organisations and ecological associations, during which the opposition to the implementation of the unit in the specific area was unanimously expressed, the announcement concluded.