Old favourite RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars has returned with the eighth season, which I have been keeping up with one episode a week as it is released. Queens that are loved and loathed by viewers have made it back.

What can you expect from this show? Talented individuals showcasing their comedic abilities, their fashion sense, and their lip-synching, which is honestly one of the most exciting aspects of the show, because viewers also get a dance performance, which can be more impressive than you might think.

If I had to pick a season to start the show with, no disrespect to previous seasons, I would start with season 5, because the show started operating with a bigger budget, allowing for better visual quality.

This is not only a funny show, as the queens, like most on reality TV, reveal personal stories about their childhoods or their lives, living as queer individuals, and the struggles and acceptance they have found.

But this is not a show for queer people alone because it sends a powerful message to the entire world that all people, regardless of who they are, or what they want to do with their lives, should be respected and treated fairly.

Be warned though, the comedy is not suitable for children.

Coming back to this season, you will enjoy some of the drama, the acting, and if you have been following along from previous seasons, some of the improvements many of the queens have made in their own journeys as performers.

Of course, this season is also full of the usual tons of backhanded comments, and some dramatic faceoffs between certain queens.

I do highly recommend this a sort of thing to kick back and get absorbed by, since there is no doubt that it will pull you in, and make you want to keep watching.