Police have arrested a 29-year-old man in connection with an attempted kidnapping which took place in Ayia Napa on Sunday.

The man is not accused of taking part in the kidnapping, but was previously arrested in 2022 for assaulting the same victim alongside two other men. Police believe that the two other men were responsible for Sunday’s attempted kidnapping.

Police say they received information regarding an attempted kidnapping around 4:30pm on Sunday and began investigations on one of the region’s beaches.

They established that two people with hoods over their faces had allegedly grabbed a 35-year-old man from a sunbed where he was lying and took him to another part of the beach.

Police press officer Christos Andreou said that “at some point he resisted and as a result the two hooded men let him go and ran away. The 35-year-old suffered abrasions in various parts of his body from being dragged by the two men and was taken to the Famagusta general hospital, where he was given first aid and discharged”.

Police have issued arrest warrants against the two men and say their investigations are continuing to secure the necessary testimonies to bring the case to court.

Andreou said the case is very serious but described it as an isolated incident.

“We don’t see incidents like this every day. However, we are trying to identify those who did it as this is the only way to send the message that such acts are not tolerated,” he said.