The church of Agios Georgios in the Karpasia area, has undergone conservation works, as announced by the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

The event was attended by members of the EU Commission, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage (TCCH).

Head of the Cyprus Settlement Support Unit of the EU Commission, Kjartan Björnsson, emphasised the significance of these sites, stating that “they represent the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus, and it is everyone’s duty to ensure their preservation as a sign of respect for past civilizations and as a symbol of cultural identity for future generations.”

He added that the EU will continue to support the restoration of these monuments while promoting peace and reconciliation between communities on the island.

Head of Office at UNDP, Jakhongir Khaydarov, expressed his appreciation for the completion of the conservation works, considering it a “momentous achievement in our relentless dedication to safeguarding Cyprus’ invaluable cultural heritage.” He further stated, “These projects vividly underscore the imperative of protecting our shared heritage for the prosperity of future generations.”

Co-chair of TCCH, Ali Tuncay, praised the island’s rich history and stressed the responsibility of preserving its heritage. He also expressed pride in promoting cooperation between the two communities through such endeavours, stating, “We acknowledge the responsibility of preserving and sustaining the richness of these civilizations so they can be handed over to future generations and are proud to be able to promote cooperation between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.”

Dr Sotos Ktoris, co-chair of TCCH, emphasised the commitment to protecting cultural landmarks throughout Cyprus. He stated, “Today’s gathering is another testament to our commitment to preserve and protect our cultural treasures all over Cyprus,” and added, “Because in the end, it is our shared heritage that reminds us of our common humanity, a truth that is paramount in our pursuit of peace.”

The church of Agios Georgios, constructed in the late 19th century, features a typical vaulted structure with stone walls of irregular and dressed stone parts. Additionally, a reinforced concrete women’s gallery was added in the mid-20th century.