Akel general secretary Stefanos Stefanou blasted the laying of wreathes at a memorial for fallen coup d’état soldiers by the government and the political parties Disy and Elam.

The statement comes after Transport minister Alexis Vafeades drew heavy criticism on Saturday after laying a wreath at a memorial to coup soldiers on behalf of the President.

Stefanou said those who resisted the coup deserve all honour and distinction after resisting “in the face of armed, wild, barbaric attackers”.

However, he said, “in Cyprus some people have a different opinion regardless of whether they degrade the state and insult the memory of heroes”.

“The policy of equating aggressors and victims, defenders and attackers, legality and illegality, is a Cypriot paradox and absurdity”, he said.

He said this act of treating coupists and resistance fighters as equals “began under Disy governments – a party that provided political shelter to the coup – and is now being continued by the present government, apparently to reinforce what the current President often repeats, namely, that his administration is a continuation of the previous one”.

“That is why all together, the President of the Republic, the President of DISY and ELAM laid laurel wreaths on the attackers of the Presidential Palace. According to them, everyone is a hero! This is a disgrace and a shame!”, he added.

Stefanou said people must honour the historical truth, and that it is owed to the resistance fighters and to future generations to do so.