One dog died and another is missing, after a fire in Giolou ravaged a shelter in the area on Tuesday.

Fire services spokesman Andreas Kettis said a large number of dogs had been rescued but the fate of one was still unknown, while another was found dead.

The shelter Stray Haven in a Facebook post described the aftermath with: “devastation ripped through the shelter.”

“The fire trucks and water helicopters did their best to keep the fire under control and help save the dogs. The fire is now out and the realisation of the devastation it has caused, is now starting to show.”

The fire had prompted an outpour of calls for help on social media, with requests for volunteers to assist with evacuating the dogs at the shelter.

According to Kettis, the fire burned wild vegetation, almond trees, olive trees, vineyards and a dozen bushels of unplanted wheat.

The cause of the fire is unknown.