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Police stop MEP’s son crossing to Republic

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A 19-year-old Turkish Cypriot, without an ‘ID’ from the north, was barred by police from entering the state-controlled areas, where he resides, reports said on Tuesday.

According to a report in Yeni Duzen, the young man, the son of Member of European Parliament Niyazi Kizilyurek, went to the north with his sister to visit their grandfather, and on their return he was stopped by police in the north and asked to present an ‘ID’ of the ‘TRNC’, which the young man does not have. He is a Cypriot ID and French passport holder.

The police in the north said that the 19-year-old was violating the law by holding a Cyprus ID, as he was a citizen of the ‘TRNC’. The 19-year-old holds a French passport, as his mother is French.

The young man’s sister was allowed to return to the state-controlled areas and picked up her brother’s French passport. The young man remained in the north until his father returned to Cyprus.

The young man was eventually allowed to leave after signing a form by which he was barred from entering the north for 120 days.

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