Ayia Napa on Thursday called on the government to ban four-wheeled and three-wheeled quads from July 19 to August 20, during night hours.

The municipal council also wants the quads banned all day from main roads that have a lot of traffic.

According to Ayia Napa’s mayor Christos Zannettou there was a unanimous decision at the municipal council, and thus a request was sent to Justice Minister Anna Procopiou, Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades, and the chief of police, calling on them to promote the relevant decree for the ban.

It would mean quads would be banned from 9pm until 7am, and all day from busy roads.

Zannettou said that they had also discussed with rental companies to help in ending the issue of the four-wheel and three-wheel vehicles.

He said that the companies supported their proposal to conduct more checks on the users of these types of vehicles.

Additionally, to combat increased traffic, municipality employees have had their days off and leave suspended so as to “strengthen traffic control.”

“Three separate teams have been created consisting of four people each, who immediately assume full duties as of Thursday,” Zannettou said.

“They will monitor various critical points of the roads of our municipality,” he added.

The mayor specified there are ongoing discussions to increase the police presence in the area. He added that some increase in police presence happened as of Thursday, and there are discussions for a further increase.