While the wheelchairs are rolling over the Cyprus Mail pages this week, in Larnaca we just putter along the sidewalks without dropped curbs. Often cars block them where they exist – detour upon detour to access an entrance.

Try to cross the meridian at the Jumbo store to catch the 245 Dhekelia-Airport bus in Larnaca. The crossings are blocked off with chains while we, wheelchairs and baby strollers and bikes, only need a little bit of space to cross.

The crossing is not functional, broken up stones and gravel while the traffic light is out of order. In fact while trying, more wear and tear on my wheelchair.

Finikoudes: new coffee, fast food, restaurants, but entirely not accessible because of steps at the entrance.

The new municipal market in Larnaca, no dropped curbs, forcing us to take a detour via the delivery entrance.

Then there are the problems of wheelchair users going to the beach, into the sea, especially at Mackenzie. The wooden ramp ends at the lifeguard outlook instead of near the sea which is so beneficial for disabled people. That leaves me, a swimmer, staring at the ‘Med.’ with great envy.

I am shaking my head everytime I go outside with my wheelchair, a result of an accident in 2020. What inconvenience will happen today.

We, wheelchair users, did not ask for this, yet do not pity us but make life a bit easier and heed EU warnings.

City planners and architects, shame on you for being so inconsiderate concerning our group that has been part of society for centuries.

Hendrica Bussolati, Mackenzie, Larnaca