Seven Property Group, a renowned leader in the property-management industry of Cyprus, with 3,000+ properties under management, has announced its strategic partnership with software solutions provider and TechIsland member ArgoSmart. This landmark collaboration aims to revolutionise the property owners’ experience by introducing a digital platform that streamlines property management and enhances overall satisfaction.

In an era of digital transformation, both Seven Property Group and ArgoSmart recognise the immense potential that technology holds in elevating property-management practices. The partnership brings together the expertise and innovation of two industry trailblazers to create a seamless, efficient and user-friendly ecosystem for property owners.

Key highlights of the partnership include:

Digital Property Management Dashboard: Property owners and property-management teams will now have access to a centralised, intuitive platform that provides real-time updates on their property’s status, performance, financials, maintenance requests and tenant communications. This transparency empowers property owners to stay informed and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Online Payments and Financial Tracking: Through the digital platform, a property-management company can easily track payments and control its cashflow.

Enhanced Communication Channels: Effective communication is pivotal in property management. The integrated platform enables property owners to interact seamlessly with property managers and service providers, fostering better relationships and swift issue resolution.

Maintenance and Repairs Management: The partnership introduces a streamlined process for property owners to log and monitor maintenance requests. Through the platform, property managers can efficiently assign tasks to approved vendors, ensuring swift and satisfactory resolution.

Compliance and Documentation Management: With the new digital solution, property owners can effortlessly access and manage crucial documents, ensuring compliance with local regulations and industry standards.

“We are excited about our partnership with ArgoSmart, as it marks a pivotal moment in the property-management industry of Cyprus. This collaboration enables us to leverage technology to provide our valued property owners with a seamless and enhanced experience. By digitising key aspects of property management, we aim to empower property owners with the tools and insights they need to maximize the potential of their investments,” said Vasilis Artemiou, CEO of Seven Property Group.

“ArgoSmart is delighted to join forces with Seven Property Group team to reshape the property owners’ experience. Our expertise in developing intuitive software solutions complements Seven Property Group’s commitment to excellence in property management. Together, we will be working on integrating our digital platform in operations of the company to simplify the property-management process for all parties,” said Sergei Ivanov, CEO of ArgoSmart.

About Seven Seven Property Group logoProperty Group:

Seven Property Group is a leading property-management company with an exceptional track record of providing top-tier management services. With a client-centric approach and a commitment to excellence, the company has earned the trust and satisfaction of thousands of property owners.

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ArgoSmart is a forward-thinking software solutions provider specialising in creating innovative and user-friendly platforms for property-management and construction industries. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, the company aims to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.