Bilateral relations were underlined on Tuesday as President Nikos Christodoulides met Jordanian King Abdullah II in Amman.

Christodoulides arrived at the Al Husseiniya palace at around midday and was received by the King.

“The warm and strong relations between our countries at all levels is something we are all proud of,” the king said after a private meeting in the presence of the Jordanian Crown prince Hussein.

“These meetings are easy for us, since we can examine only the few issues which need improvement,” he added.

“We are allies on a number of issues, and in your previous capacity [as foreign minister], you were a great ally for all of us in addressing the challenges of our region”.

The king described the private meeting as “a very good discussion”.

Christodoulides said he appreciates the role of both Jordan and its king “as a pillar of stability in our neighbourhood, a neighbourhood with many challenges, but also with promise”.

He added that the two countries “have excellent bilateral relations.

“I always enjoy discussions with you and your country’s foreign minister on regional developments. There are a number of issues which we will discuss, such as the Palestinian issue. You know our principled position on a two-state solution,” he said.

Speaking on the Syrian civil war and the ensuing refugee crisis, he said “I am aware of the burden Jordan has taken on with refugees and we believe the international community must do more to support Jordan on this purely humanitarian issue”.

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He also said Cyprus “is the most ardent supporter” of strengthening relations between the European Union and Jordan.

He added that “I feel at home in Jordan”.

Christodoulides was in Jordan with Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos, Energy Minister George Papanastasiou, Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis, and other governmental representatives.

A number memoranda of cooperation between the two countries were signed.

The first guarantees Cyprus will send a total of €475,000 worth of development assistance to Jordan with emphasis on the health sector.

In addition, a memorandum of cooperation between the Cypriot foreign ministry and the Jordanian investments ministry was signed.

Finally, a technical agreement on forest fire fighting was signed, which provides for the dispatch of two aerial vehicles from Jordan to Cyprus in the event of an emergency.

Government spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis said the agreement also stipulates the creation of a regional forest firefighting centre to be based in Cyprus.

He said the creation of such a centre will “highlight even more the regional role of Cyprus and will further strengthen the already close relations between our country and Jordan, and with other countries in the region”.

Earlier in the day, Christodoulides also met Prince El Hassan bin Talal, who served as Crown prince of Jordan between 1965 and 1999.

He is due to visit Palestine on Wednesday.