The Animal Party on Wednesday called on the government to provide medication for cat Covid to people for free.

The cabinet had decided last week to provide stores of human Covid-19 medications to veterinarians to treat cat Covid, known as feline infectious peritonitis (FIPS). The decision said that the medicines would be sold to people at a discounted rate.

However, on Wednesday the Animal Party, although welcoming to the government’s decision to provide the medications, said that they should be given for free.

“We have been informed that these medications will be made available to animal lovers, volunteers, etc. for €100 per package,” the party stated in its letter to the president, requesting that “the state itself take care of stopping this endemic and not the volunteers who are already shouldering and lifting most of the burden.”

“We ask that you immediately reconsider this decision and reconsider the case of making these products available for free because it will be unfair to shoulder this cost for the volunteers who care for cats and not only, in various colonies at their own expense and with many sacrifices,” the party said.