Three Jordanian Royal Air Force crews sent to Cyprus to battle the recent fire in Limassol departed from the island on Thursday.

Jordan had supplied the firefighters, as well as engineers, to govern two ‘Super Puma’ helicopters and an MI26, in aid efforts to contain the fire which started in the Alassa dam area last Friday.

The ministers of defence, justice, and agriculture attended the leaving ceremony at the Paphos air base.

Official thanks were conveyed to the Jordanian crews from the people of Cyprus and the state, for their immediate response.

Lebanese firefighting crews also expected to depart later on Thursday while reinforcements sent in from Greece and Israel departed on Wednesday after flare ups which had been ongoing for three days were deemed to be managed.

Two hundred ground force personnel with 50 to 55 vehicles worked to put out flare ups and carry out pre-emptive water drops.

The Limassol fire raged through nine square kilometres of mainly agricultural land before it was demarcated and brought under control.