All municipalities in Cyprus comply with beach legislation, the Union of Municipalities’ head and Larnaca mayor, Andreas Vyras said on Thursday, noting that charges exceeding €2.5 for an umbrella and €2.5 for a sunbed are illegal.

On the other hand, the President of the Pancypriot Union of Consumers and Quality of Life Loucas Aristodemou told the Cyprus News Agency that for now the complaints they have received are limited, but he stressed that if it gets worse a situation could arise like in Greece, where authorities have been conducting stricter checks, following uproars of Greek citizens on social media to have fair access to beaches.

Vyras said that the information he has from all the municipalities is that the legislation is respected in terms of fees and in terms of the other provisions of the law, such as the allocation of 50 per cent of the beach for bathers who do not want to buy sunbed and umbrella services.

In his estimation, possible violations come from private companies, which each municipality must separately check and verify their compliance with the provisions of the legislation.

All agencies should implement the law, he noted.

Commenting on increased prices at Lady’s Mile beach in Limassol, Aristodemou told CNA that nothing can be done with the problems there as the beach area is within the British Bases.