The north’s ‘parliament’ has been recalled from its summer recess after opposition ‘MPs’ called on the government to answer questions regarding a tax break given to Ercan (Tymbou) airport’s holding company.

Reports surfaced earlier this week of a €59 million tax break given to T&T, the owners of the airport, following the opening of the new terminal last month.

The CTP, the largest opposition in parliament, called on the ‘government’ to explain why the tax break had been handed out, especially at a time when many people, businesses, and even semi-governmental organisations are facing economic hardship.

15 of the party’s ‘MPs’, as well as independent ‘MPs’ Jale Refik Rogers and Aysegul Baybars, wrote to ‘parliamentary speaker’ Zorlu Tore to request that ‘parliament’ reconvene.

Tore accepted their request, and a session in parliament has been scheduled for August 16 at 10am.