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Regulations issued ahead of new hunting season

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Ahead of Sunday’s start of the hunting season, the game and fauna service released an updated list of rules to ensure safe hunting for everyone participating.

A written announcement called on hunters to follow all written and unwritten rules, and respect private property and their fellow hunters while demonstrating the necessary “hunting conscience”.

It also reminded that the logging of game through the Artemis CY app is compulsory during hunting seasons.

“Through the mandatory logging of game, our service will have the opportunity to collect more correct and accurate data for the better management of all game,” the announcement said.

“The data will not be disputed, and will be a weapon for the defence of hunting activity in Cyprus.”

The Artemis CY app will need to be updated to display the new menu.

The recording of woodpeckers and palm doves, for each bird that is hunted, should be done directly in the ‘PDA Regulation’ section of the app, while for all other game, hunters should use the ‘Game’ section.

The declaration of the catch must be made before the hunter boards a means of transport either for the purpose of moving to another hunting area or the completion of their hunting trip.

Hunters who do not own smartphones can communicate with a trusted person who has access to the app, who will record on their behalf using their hunting licence and ID numbers.

In extraordinary circumstances where there is no access to the app at all, hunters will be able to send a text message including their ID number, the game, how many were hunted, and whether they were young or adult.

Text messages can be sent to the following numbers:

Nicosia: 99201081 & 99201231

Paphos: 99201946 & 99202286

Larnaca/Famagusta: 99202463 & 99203228


At the same time, the announcement called on hunters to stick to a number of rules to avoid any “unpleasant events”.

Hunters were urged to avoid prolonged sun exposure, to wear light clothing and to use hats and sunglasses.

At the same time, they should drink plenty of liquids and avoid alcohol.

The service also recommended that hunters plan their routes and hunting spots in advance, and that they give themselves enough time to approach a spot or to return to their car.

In addition, hunters should avoid venturing out alone and always make sure that somebody else knows their whereabouts, the announcement added, stressing the importance of having a plan and emergency contact in case of any incidents.

Lastly, echoing an announcement by the forestry department made on the same day, the service said lighting fires in non-designated areas is prohibited.

As current weather conditions can contribute to the outbreak and spread of forest fires, the department reminded hunters to avoid any actions that could cause a fire, including discarding matches and cigarette ends in the forest.

Hunters wanting to report any suspicious activity were advised to contact the police at 1414, or the game service at the following numbers:


Nicosia – 99445697

Limassol – 99445728

Larnaca/Famagusta – 99634325

Paphos – 99445679

In the case of spotting smoke or fire, they should call 1407 or 112.


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