Two people have been remanded in police custody after they are believed to have imported drugs to the island via the postal service.

They were remanded for eight days by the Nicosia district court on Tuesday.

According to the police, the two, aged 27 and 28, are thought to be involved in the import of one kilo of methamphetamines.

A parcel that arrived in Cyprus on Monday from overseas was suspected to have drugs in it and the postal services informed the police drugs unit Ykan.

On Monday morning the 27-year-old went to the post office in Nicosia where he picked up the parcel.

Immediately members of Ykan arrested him as they had determined the parcel contained amphetamines. It was seized.

According to the police, the second suspect was waiting outside the post office who once he saw the police tried to run off but he was also caught and arrested.