A yellow weather warning for thunderstorms was issued on Monday night, set to last until midnight Tuesday.

Nicosia was hit with pouring rain and thundersorms storms as one resident told the Cyprus Mail “it was difficult to drive.” Parts of the capital temporarily had their power cut while in Larnaca strong winds ripped off solar panels from homes.

Videos circulating online showed streets beginning to flood with water as the skies brightened with lightning.

While the country was hit with a slew of weather warnings the past few weeks, they have all concerned extreme heat – with the sudden shift to thunderstorms making an unusual adjustment in August.

“Thunderstorm activity will continue to affect the northern and eastern areas of the island,” the met office said.

image kerofiloi cyprus

Phinikoudes beach (Kerofiloi Cyprus)

Images of Phinikoudes beach in Larnaca showed an almost empty beachfront with dark and cloudy skies.

Isolated showers and possible brief storms are expected again on Tuesday afternoon in the mountain areas and on the west and north coasts. Temperatures will begin to rise again to above average for the season, reaching 38C in the interior, 34C on the south-east, east and north coasts, 32C on the remaining coasts, and 28C in the higher mountains.

On Wednesday and Thursday and Friday the weather will clear with temporarily increased clouds at times. Temperatures are not expected to change appreciably with only a slight drop expected by end of week.

The civil defence issued an advisory, calling on the public to make sure drains and gutters near premises were not blocked. It encouraged people with a basement or shed at risk of flooding to prepare sandbags and to remove expensive equipment from the area.

If a property is flooded and a person is inside a building, they should try to move to a higher landing. If at an open area, people should not attempt to cross a flooded street on foot or by car, bicycle or motorcycle.

The public was encouraged to stay away from power lines and abandon their car, as it may drift or flood.

It warned citizens that water may be contaminated as it may have carried various objects or even animals.