Two men “attacked and beat” police in Larnaca while being arrested in connection with multiple burglaries on Thursday evening.

The pair attempted to escape and police fired warning shots, before they were ultimately apprehended.

The men, aged 53 and 48, were arrested on Thursday evening in connection with “more than 100” burglaries and thefts in Protaras, Ayia Napa and the wider local area.

They were arrested following a coordinated operation carried out by the Famagusta police after evaluations regarding burglaries and thefts committed in the region over the last month.

Following the arrests, a search was carried out in the house where they both live, during which “sums of money in banknotes of various countries”, jewellery, gold, watches, shoes and other items which are believed to have been stolen, were found.

In addition, police found tools which could be used for burglary on the property.

After further investigations, police established that the two men had arrived in Cyprus from Turkey and crossed into the Republic from the north “from an unknown point”.

At present, it appears they were also involved in a number of burglaries committed in 2021 and 2022 in the same area, while arrest warrants had been put out for both in 2021.

Police also say it appears that the 48-year-old “changed his name three times in the last three years”.

The police investigation is ongoing.