A second team of firefighters departed from Larnaca airport for Thessaloniki at 1pm on Friday to assist the Greek authorities in their efforts against wildfires.

Comprising 28 individuals, the mission is a collaborative effort involving the fire services, the civil defence, and the Okypy emergency medical services.

The team includes 12 firefighters, 12 members of the civil defence and four doctors. They are all being dispatched to relieve the first mission, which is returning to Cyprus on Friday evening.

Prior to the team’s departure, the mission’s chief firefighter, Nikos Logginos, underlined the challenging conditions everyone face to combat the wildfires currently plaguing Greece.

“These brave individuals are ready to give their best and represent Cyprus in their efforts to suppress the fires,” he said.

“The first mission has given its all and is returning to Cyprus today to reunite with their families after being away for a week.”

Regarding the mission’s itinerary, Logginos explained that the team will be met by a liaison from the Greek fire service in Thessaloniki. From there, it will depart for Alexandroupoli and stay at the facilities of the police academy.

He also highlighted the importance of safety and close coordination with the Greek authorities.

“Every day, in conjunction with the Fire Service liaison, an operational plan is developed, and the mission members will be dispatched to the field to begin firefighting efforts.”

In response to a question about the mission’s duration, Logginos said the team will assess the progress of the fires and the situation on the ground.

“We hope to see improvements day by day,” he concluded.