Thirteen people have been arrested in connection with the violence that occurred on Friday night in Limassol.

Amongst those arrested was the individual believed to be the organiser of the anti-migrant protest march.

Five individuals reported that they were assaulted during the rampage.

Police announced that around 19:30 on Friday, approximately 500 people gradually gathered in the parking area of GSO in Limassol, and later proceeded to toward Molos.

“During the event, 12 individuals were arrested for committing various offences. Some individuals caused malicious damage to shop windows along the waterfront, and trash bins were set on fire,” the police added.

One more individual, who is alleged to be the organiser of the event, was arrested with a court warrant. All detainees have been placed in custody.

During the incidents, five individuals reported to the police that they were attacked by unknown individuals.

All of them were taken to Limassol general hospital where they received first aid and were subsequently discharged.

Meanwhile, later on Saturday, the prison department announced that actions have been taken to place a prison guard responsible for the electronic monitoring system on administrative leave.

This move follows the violent anti-migrant events in Limassol, where a convicted individual serving a 20-month sentence under electronic monitoring was among those arrested during the Friday disturbances.

The guard, who had control over the monitoring system, is under investigation.

In June, the convict had been granted permission to reside in the Limassol district, where his mother lives, and was placed under temporary electronic monitoring for commuting purposes.

However, on Friday he was supposed to be in the Nicosia district, where he resides with a relative.

An administrative inquiry has been initiated to determine why the Limassol district was not removed from the approved commuting zones for the convict, leading to the activation of the monitoring system and notifying the prison department about his whereabouts.

Consequently, actions have been taken by the competent authority, the Minister of Justice and Public Order, to place the responsible prison guard on administrative leave.