The British bases police said a dog rescued in Avgorou last week has been handed over to the person that discovered her.

Tasos Matheou spotted the small dog trapped in an empty, three-metre-high concrete water tank on Wednesday.

Bases’ police officers from Ayios Nikolaos and Defence Fire Rescue (DFR), immediately went to the scene and saw what was approximately a three-month-old, black and tan dog.

Police inspector Esra Omer said the dog had fallen in the water tank.

“DFR officers safely entered the water tank and rescued the dog, which appeared to be healthy, with no injuries but very thirsty and hungry.

“Thankfully, with good cooperation, we are delighted that the story had a happy ending.”

After being given fresh water and with no owner in sight, Matheou decided to keep the dog and provide a safe home, following a vet check-up.

Speaking at the scene, Matheou was quick to express his gratitude.

“A big thank you to the SBA police and Defence Fire Rescue, for their efforts to save her. If no one claims ownership, I will be keeping her,” he said.