The state health services organisation (Okypy) has received 16 international quality assurance certificates, and says it is in the process of obtaining 14 more, it announced on Tuesday.

Among those obtained are quality assurance guarantees for the model centre for cochlear and other auditory implants of the ENT clinic, for the breast centre of the Nicosia general hospital, and for the paediatric pulmonology clinic of the Makarios hospital.

Similar certificates have also been received by Okypy’s ambulance department.

In the coming months, inspections will be carried out in the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic, the pressure wound management department, the haemodialysis department, the peritoneal cleansing clinic, and the bloodless cardiology department of the Nicosia general hospital.

In addition, the thalassaemia clinic and the paediatric liver gastroenterology and nutrition centre at the Makarios hospital will also receive inspections.

Okypy said the certificates “are the result of the intensive and collective work done on a daily basis by [its] hospitals’ staff and amount to a guarantee of the organisation’s commitment to providing optimal health services to all”.

They also thanked their staff “for the zeal they show in the care of patients”.