A woman whose ten-year-old daughter drowned in a swimming pool in Paphos admitted on Wednesday to the charge of causing death by negligence.

The 42-year-old mother appeared on Tuesday before the Paphos Criminal Court which set the hearing of the case for October 2 and ordered that the woman remain in custody pending her trial.

According to police statement, after the court’s decision, the 42-year-old exhibited psychiatric symptoms, and was examined and referred to the Athalassa Hospital.

It is recalled that the child, who was on vacation in Peyeia, was found dead by family members on the afternoon of July 20, while her mother was in a room of the villa, in a state of intoxication and unaware of her surroundings.

Due to the condition in which she was found, the woman was transferred to the Paphos general hospital where she was treated under guard.

It is noted that the ten-year-old girl suffered from a neurogenetic disorder.