Cyprus’ beer industry experienced a remarkable boost in exports during August 2023, with a staggering increase of 113.6 per cent or 193,315 litres, leading to an overall rise of 1.5 per cent in total beer deliveries, encompassing both the domestic market and exports.

According to a report released this week by the Cyprus Statistical Service, beer deliveries in August 2023 reached 5,195,978 litres, marking a 1.5 per cent increase compared to August 2022.

While beer deliveries to the domestic market witnessed a decrease of 2.4 per cent compared to the same month of the previous year, totalling 4,832,426 litres, the remarkable surge in beer exports is the highlight of the industry’s performance during this period.

Beer exports for August 2023 increased by a whopping 113.6 per cent year-on-year, reaching 363,552 litres, up from 170,237 litres in August of the previous year.

This significant increase in beer exports highlights the growing popularity of Cyprus-produced beer beyond its borders and signals a positive trend for the local beer industry’s international reach.