Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades said on Monday that the €300 fines issued by the recently installed traffic cameras are excessive and may be lowered.

“We greatly appreciate the results achieved by the traffic cameras in reducing serious crashes, this is a fact, although I do believe an adjustment of the measures can maintain the same positive results,” he told Sigma.

“The €300 fine may mean no food for some people in a month, that is not good,” he emphasised.

His latest comments build on the foundation he set last week when he stated that some pensioners receive €600-€700 a month, meaning that almost half a person’s monthly income can be lost to passing through a red light.

Indeed, the €300 fines are also almost a third of the guaranteed minimum income of €940.

“We can have positive results without it being overly burdensome for the public,” he said.

It was reported in July that about 40,000 traffic fines – or 40 per cent of the total issued – remain unpaid.