The north’s ‘prime minister’ Unal Ustel has announced plans to build thousands of social houses with the aim of allowing young Turkish Cypriots to move into them.

Ustel said the projects to build the houses will begin in 2024, and that legislative work on the subject is being prepared.

He added that part of the funds for the projects will come from taxes earned from property sales to third country nationals.

Under the current plans, 1,500 houses will be built in Yerolakkos, 1,200 in Morphou, 1,000 in Mandres, 900 in Trikomo, 350 in Vatili, 120 in Palaikythro, 100 in Vathylakas, 80 in Komi Kebir, 50 each in Prasteio and Katokopia, and 30 in Kalopsida.