Wednesday will be mostly clear with temporarily increased afternoon clouds in the highlands. Temperatures will rise to 34C in the interior, 33C on the south and east coasts, 32C on the remaining coasts and 25C in the higher mountains. Winds will initially be north-westerly to north-easterly and locally on the south and west coasts south-easterly to south-westerly, weak to moderate, up to 4 Beaufort. In the afternoon winds will turn south- and north-westerly and easterly on the east coast, of the same intensity. The sea will generally be a somewhat rough.

Overnight the weather will be clear. Temperature will drop to 23C in the interior and the coasts and 17C degrees in the higher mountains. Winds will be mainly north-westerly to north-easterly and on the north coast, south-easterly, up to moderate, 4 Beaufort. Overall the sea will be calm to slightly rough, however, in the west and north it will be rough.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be mostly sunny. Temperatures will gradually rise reaching slightly above average for the season.