Bus ticket prices in north Nicosia increased by 50 per cent on Tuesday, up from 20TL (€0.69) to 30TL (€1.04).

In addition, it has been reported that buses between Nicosia and Kioneli, which also previously cost 20TL, are now charging people 35TL (€1.21) for travel.

Speaking to local media about the price increases, Cyprus Turkish modern public vehicle operators’ association (Kar-Is) chairman Fuat Topaloglu said bus operators’ expenses “have increased by 300 per cent” since the last price increase in 2022.

“All of our outgoing costs are in foreign currency, and we have not increased ticket prices for a year. We are not happy with this increase either,” he said.

He added, “I wish people would question the costs and we would not raise prices”, also pointing out that the price of fuel in the north increases “every 10 days”.