Sixty young people from Greece, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Armenia, Ukraine and Cyprus are participating in an international exchange for peace.

The event titled “Peace Ambassadors” is underway since Friday, organised by the Youth Dynamics group with funding from the European program Erasmus+.

“The main objective of the plan is dialogue and cooperation of young people for the prevalence of peace on the European continent and cooperation between member states for a better future,” Youth Dynamics, said in a press release.

The stated objectives of the program are the development of tolerance, the acceptance of diversity, promotion of multiculturalism, strengthening intercultural cooperation and the consolidation of peace.

The youth exchange coincides with World Day for Peace established by the United Nations in 1981 to spread ideals of peace and non-violence among nations, which since 2001 has been celebrated on September 21 to coincide with the annual UN general assembly.

The program, open to young people aged 18 to 30, will last until the September 23 and is hosted at the Journalistic Village in Pervolia.