A Greek Cypriot appeared in a Turkish Cypriot court on Monday accused of using counterfeit car insurance documents while entering the north at Ayios Dometios.

The man was arrested at 10:24pm on September 21 while attempting to enter the north with insurance documents he claimed to have obtained from Turkish Cypriot bank Creditwest.

Turkish Cypriot police checked the insurance documents at the checkpoint, found them to be fake, and arrested him.

Speaking in court, police officer Soner Saban said that following an investigation, police discovered he had crossed to the north a total of 17 times with the false documents.

He added that under interrogation, the man said he had created the documents himself at his house.

The prosecution requested that the man be remanded in custody while the police’s investigation into the matter continues.

Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgec assented to the prosecution’s request, and the man was remanded in custody for a period not exceeding one month.