Police on Wednesday have ruled out criminal action regarding the injury of a 57-year-old man at a construction site in the Paphos district.

According to police spokesman and Paphos CID chief Michalis Nikolaou, the 57-year-old is still hospitalised and intubated at Nicosia General Hospital in critical state, following his surgery.

The circumstances of the incident are being investigated and on Tuesday police carried out examinations at the scene, in cooperation with officials from the labour inspection department.

It emerged that the 57-year-old had been working alone in a building at the construction site. The exact circumstances of his injury have yet to be clarified, however, the possibility of criminal action has been ruled out, Nikolaou told the Cyprus News Agency.

Police were informed on Monday afternoon that the injured man had been taken to the Paphos general hospital A&E department following an accident.

According to the treating doctors, the 57-year-old suffered a cerebral haemorrhage. The origins of the haemorrhage either from a fall or from pathological causes, is still being determined, Nikolaou said.