Turkish Cypriot police arrested two more people on Tuesday night as part of the ongoing investigation into the “fake prescription scandal”.

The total number of arrests in the scandal now stands at 15.

The two arrested on Tuesday night appeared in court on Wednesday morning, where it was heard that 26 bin bags full of drugs with a market value of 269,000TL (€9,332) were found in Karavostasi.

CCTV footage of the area where the drugs were found uncovered that the intention was to dispose of the drugs.

In addition, one of the suspects was found to have burnt documents in a sink, while they also attempted to scrub the barcodes off the packets of drugs.

The pair were remanded in custody for two days.

Meanwhile, another of the people arrested in the scandal was revealed to be the sister-in-law of ‘health minister’ Hakan Dincyurek.

A further seven people are set to appear in court in Nicosia on Wednesday afternoon after having been remanded for three days on Sunday.

The scandal has been ongoing for the last week, with Turkish Cypriot police and the ‘government’ investigating allegations that doctors and pharmacists have been writing “fake” prescriptions.

The investigation is ongoing.