A vitally important project for the care of infants in Cyprus is taking shape as the State Health Services Organisation (Okypy) proceeds with the expansion and renovation of Archbishop Makarios III Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The existing Unit plays a critical role in providing intensive care to pre-term and full-term infants from 23 weeks of gestation to the 14th day of life. Every year, more than 700 newborns are admitted to the NICU of Makarios Hospital. Therefore, the Unit requires expansion in order to respond effectively to all incidents.

Designed in accordance with international and European standards

The new NICU has been designed in accordance with international and European standards, to ensure all newborns admitted to the Unit receive the utmost level of care. At the same time, recognising the crucial importance of their parents’ presence to hospitalised children, Okypy has ensured the upgraded NICU will offer parents the ability to visit and spend time with their baby for as long as they wish. Today, the NICU is equipped with 48 beds, 25 of which are classified as Level III intensive care and 23 as Level II special care beds.

All in one building

After the completion of the works, all Neonatal Intensive Care Units will be housed in the building that is currently undergoing expansion. The NICU will consist of six intensive care wards and isolation rooms. The area will be accessible through two high-security doors with the use of an access card, for both health professionals and parents. The existing wing will house the special-care area with 24 beds, a Family Room, offices, changing rooms, a meeting room and a staff kitchen.

Building the extension first

The new NICU wing will be built at the rear of the hospital and connect to the existing NICU via skywalks, which will lead from the existing Unit to the new building’s third floor. To ensure a smooth transition to the new facilities, the construction of the extension will be carried out first. This will allow the smooth operation of the existing NICU, which will continue to provide the necessary care without any hindrance to its operations due to the construction works of the new structure. Renovation of the existing Unit will commence upon completion of the expansion.

Continuous improvement of services

The expansion and renovation of Makarios Hospital’s NICU proves in yet another way, Okypy’s commitment to the continuous improvement of its services and will enable medical and nursing staff to continue their important and multi-dimensional work, ensuring the best start in life for every newborn hospitalised in the NICU.

Visit the NICU’s website www.shso.org.cy for more information