The Union of Cypriot pensioners (Ekysy) said “none of the problems plaguing pensioners have been resolved” in a letter to social welfare deputy minister Marilena Evangelou on Saturday.

They added that not one of the requests made by the union had been promoted by the deputy ministry, even after a meeting between them in June.

Additionally, they said new problems had arisen, including the rejection of applications made by low-income pensioners who “did not exercise their right to submit an application during the transition period which ended on December 31, 2020”.

They also criticised the sending of letters to elderly low-income pensioners by the welfare and benefits management service.

They requested an update of the deputy ministry’s register so that the low-income pensioner allowance could continue, and that the letters sent to pensioners be withdrawn and cancelled because they are “causing disruption and unimaginable suffering to the elderly.”

A new meeting has been organised between Ekysy and the deputy minister with the hope of solving the problems.